6 Games for Children from 2 Years

Sometimes it’s scary how fast our babies grow up, don’t you? We have the impression that yesterday, they were only safe in our laps, only interacted through crying and facial expressions, and we wake up today, 2 years later, with them babbling and first words giving the first steps towards independence. Amazing and exciting at the same time!

6 Games for Children from 2 Years

In this phase of two years, the child has good notions of communication and movement, develop better hand-eye coordination and is more sociable. Therefore, this age may be submitted to more elaborate and educational games, to have fun and, at the same time, stimulate the development. We’ve already written here about the importance of playing with the little ones and how that is useful both for him and for you! So, get to work!

And for you, you have doubts about which games for children from 2 years are best suited, I separated this list with tips specially to help you. Check it out and enjoy!

1. Picnic With Friends

This game is perfect for those rainy days, which makes it impossible to leave the House with the little one. At lunchtime, spread a towel on the floor of the room and fill of healthy and tasty food: sandwiches, carrot sticks, boiled egg, fruit, yogurt, and what else he is used to eat that meal.

Tell your child to invite the dolls and stuffed animals him to participate in the picnic distributing them around the towel. At that stage, by being more attentive to what occurs around, they become more sociable and likely to interact with other children. Use pets as “friends” is a good way to stimulate it, and introduces the concept of Division, after all, has to be on a picnic lunch for everyone, right? You can further stimulate his imagination, encouraging him to imagine himself in a Grove or beach, describing how the landscape around.

2. Drawing

The phase of the two-year-old is excellent to start drawing games. Let crayons – they have an easier time of it, because they are more thick-of different colours available to your son and encourage him to unleash the imagination.

This game is very important in the development of children, because it stimulates the motor skills that will be required when he starts learning the writing and work the concept of colors and shapes.Sit down to draw with him, ask him what he is painting a picture, name and colors you’re scribbling on paper. Take advantage of this moment to relate and encourage your son!

Here at home, when I want to increase even more, buy cardboard or kraft paper-that drab, sold in stationery stores-and the wall. So my son can draw standing up, which ends up stimulating even more his coordination.

3. Puzzles

Believe me, your son is old enough enough to mount puzzles ! The manufactured specifically for this phase usually have 4 to 6 pieces of large, playful and colorful drawings. Get a some character that he loves your and stimulates the mount and dismount several times! Play with puzzles develops motor skills, in addition to working the Visual and logical skills according to rctoysadvice.com.

4. Bowling

The Act of throwing a ball toward objects in order to shoot them down can be incredibly challenging for your son. You can improvise bowling pins with empty plastic bottles and crumpled paper balls or acquire any game that is very attractive and that has the same purpose. Place the pins one meter away from the child and tell her to throw the ball to knock down objects. As she is hitting, then increase the distance. This game encourages motor skills, balance, concentration and patience.

Oh! And don’t forget to always count out loud and easy parts the baby get down. In this way, the concepts of quantity already are being stimulated and also worked.

5. One For Me And One For You

I seek always encourage in my son the notion of solidarity , organization and troubleshooting. But really, who doesn’t want, doesn’t it? But to help us in this task, there is a simple game to play, developing all these features and still works with the concept of numbers. He calls himself “one for me, one for you”.

To play, you can use pretty much anything: crayons, toy parts or pieces of fruit (you can eat after the game is over, even!). Make a stack of objects to be distributed and have your son the distribute in two dishes or boxes, “one for me, one for you”. When he is ACE, insert an extra person in the game — can be even a stuffed animal or doll. In this phase, the little ones love to feel in control of the situation and that game is perfect in that sense.

6. Educational Games

In addition puzzles, already mentioned here, the little of 2 years of age also have cognitive and intellectual capacity to play other types of educational games . There are several options available in the market and specific to this phase of childhood.

Games involving the notion of Association of figures and notions of place and space are great in that feeling. These toys stimulate motor skills, the reasoning and the spatial orientation of the baby.Some have specific themes like animals, who also introduces the concept of nature and preservingthe environment. All very subtle, of course.

The educational games are great choices to entertain your child for a long time and cause it to interact and learn with you. These moments are crucial for learning and his cognitive development.So, organize your agenda to provide this time healthy and fun for him and for you!

Quoted here only a few games for children of 2 years, but there are a multitude of others. I try even invent some for my kids! It is important to point out just one thing: even having already grown enough, your baby is still Yes, very young. So adjust your expectations! Don’t fret, disappoint or worry if he doesn’t seem very interested or have difficulty in understanding the games you suggest.Adapt the activity or leave to try at another time. Do not force anything, just relax and have fun with your child!

Liked this post? Was interested in any of the games listed here or have any questions about specific games for children of 2 years? Get in touch with us, we will have great pleasure to assist and share our knowledge with you!