5 Ways to Use Faux Fur, “Fake Fur”

I know that I might be committing heresy by completing this sentence, but I’ve never been a person. When I got my first dog (at 20 years!) was terrified to take a bite and the pet wasn’t even completed two months. Today my son is about to turn one year and I’ve developed a love so great that I never thought were possible. I don’t feel afraid to approach other dogs, but I’m terrified of cats and practically, Gecko phobia quote most common fears.

5 Ways to Use Faux Fur, "Fake Fur"

On the other hand, I’ve always had the greatest respect for animals. I’m far from being an activist, but I never liked the idea of abuse, of course. Was talking with a vegetarian friend that I realized that my relationship with the pets need not be of extreme affection, but I could do some things to demonstrate about how to adopt the second without meat and stop using leather and real fur (not I had the money to buy, hehe). That’s why I’ve been investing in pieces of faux fur and realized that combined a lot with my style.

The faux fur is made of synthetic fibers, so it can be called synthetic leather (the same occurs with the leather). According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the fibers are cut depending on the desired length, go through a process of heating (more or less like a hairdryer), are then dyed and brushed to a smoothness similar to real skin. Everything is so well done that, for me, there are only advantages in using faux fur, as it is cheaper and cruelty-free. I can prove that all my coats, handbags and even slippers of hairs are sooo soft and if you follow me on this trend, you don’t want to go back. In the gallery below, you will see five ways to use synthetic fur. What is your favorite?

How To Be Stylish Using Faux Fur

Fur Coat

The famous “coat of skin”. I just don’t! This faux fur model with a monochromatic look under works for any occasion: a day at the Office, lunch with the family, dinner with the crush or ballad with her friends. You just need to change the makeup, accessories and shoes, have you considered that practical?

Bomber Jacket

Enters and exits the station bomber jackets continue success. The truth is that the sports fashion for some time longer trend and turned everyday life, since the pieces are so comfortable as stylish.

Casey Scholarship

A faux fur can speak for itself on the look! The only problem is that you can’t use with any pattern, for being a conspicuous part. On the other hand, is all about editing. When I go out with my try to focus on monochrome with some striking accessories to liven up the look.

Ankle Boot

The ankle boot, Bootie to the heel, is a model that works in winter as in summer. When do heat and you cannot use a coat of faux fur, let the foot and take care and play with the textures using lighter pieces of clothing.

Faux Fur Slides

Speaking of heat, the slide is the official shoe of summer, so why not use a slide of faux fur? This trend emerged last year, when Rihanna released your first collection in partnership with Puma and since then, several fast fashions have reproduced the slides. Find one for your call!