5 (Very) Good Reasons to Walk the Walk

Discover some of the main benefits of walking.

5 (Very) Good Reasons to Walk the Walk

A lot of talk of the good which it does to walk the walk.

But you will know the real benefits of this practice? Possibly not gives them the due value.

A good walk daily is recommended to the general population. Of the newer to the older, of the most active to the more sedentary. Walking is good for you. This is the truth. Not only contributes to a more healthy lifestyle, as it still has numerous benefits for health and body.

And if you need reasons to do so, we give you some.


For all these reasons and a few more. In addition to being a sport very cheap (will leave you at zero cost), it still contributes to your physical and mental health. Want better than this?!

So, here is a list of the important benefits of walking.


Walking every day has helped to reduce the risk of suffer cardiovascular disease. All because it helps control cholesterol, decreases the level of triglycerides and also reduces the blood pressure, for example.


Yes, it is the same truth. It is not just talk. Walking every day helps to burn calories and lose weight. Doing so can help you free yourself of these extra pounds, eliminate belly unwanted and to maintain your ideal weight.


Comes in the follow-up to the previous. Just to have an idea of walking (brisk pace) 30 minutes per day can help you burn about 170 calories. To walk the walk every day will allow your body to continue to burn more calories for several hours even after you have stopped, which contributes to the weight loss.

In addition to walking every day will increase catabolism, that is, the destruction of fat cells (tissue adipocyte, thereby reducing the level of fat in the body.


One more good reason to begin today to walk the walk. In addition to increasing the strength, which makes this modality a good choice for those starting in the sport, walking also strengthens the muscles and gives greater stability to the bones.

Not to mention the fact that enhancing the stimuli, electrical that contribute to the absorption of calcium and contribute to the reconstruction of bone tissue, which – ultimately – help to prevent or slow the osteoporosis. And as if that wasn’t enough yet it helps to strengthen cartilage, tendons and ligaments, improves balance and increases mobility and agility.


By this time they should not have any doubts that walking is good, but – by yes, by not – here is some more reasons to do so. In addition to help you relax and sleep better, walk the walk contributes to the release of endorphins (the happiness hormone) that stimulates the feeling of well-being, good humor, and even self-esteem.

In short, in addition to doing good to the body, the mind, because it helps to slow down aging and stimulates the memory.

How do you see, reasons are not lacking. So, for your health, walk!