4 Ways to Remove Waterproof Makeup to Perfection

One of the hardest things to do before going to sleep, after spending a long and difficult day, remove all traces of make-up waterproof from our face. So here are some tips to be able to overcome this difficult time in a simple and fast.

4 Ways to Remove Waterproof Makeup to Perfection

The make up made ​​with waterproof products is very useful when we need a trick that hard all day. It can be perfect for a big day as the wedding , where maybe we do not have time throughout the day to do some touch-ups; or to an intense workout at the gym despite our skin at that time you would need to breathe, but some people just can not give up to cover some small imperfections.

Makeup waterproof, if made ​​with the right products, able to cope with all these our needs, resisting long without leaking. But at the end of the day comes the hard part. Because of its ability to resist at every opportunity for an extended time, the makeup waterproof is also difficult to eliminate before going to sleep. The thing you should never do is give up, then finding the next morning with more makeup on your face. This would bring our skin to pass a bad night, without having a chance to breathe and rest well.

So if you’re interested in finding out how you can remove your make up waterproof flawlessly, here are four tips to follow even without making much effort.

1. Products biphasic

The two-phase cleansing products are those designed specifically to eliminate all that make up that usually detects the most hostile to remove. They are cleansing with precisely two “phases”, an aqueous and oily. In fact, the tube will always see separate, then just shake the bottle to ensure that the two sides come together and create a truly effective product. These make-up removers are renowned for being slightly aggressive then also perfect on the eyes, for those with sensitive skin.

Directions for use: even though they are delicate products, when they applied on cotton and later on the eye, never wipe the disc cotton if you have sensitive skin. In contrast, saturate it and place it on the eye makeup remover, waiting ten seconds, going to gently dab the area and remove it. You will see that most of the product will come off even without too much stress on the area. Finally, through the help of a cotton swab , always drenched with biphasic, go and clean up the eyelashes, which are by far the most complicated area to be cleaned completely.


2. Wipes cleansing and biphasic

An even more effective way to eliminate your waterproof makeup is to join the action to the action of the two-phase makeup remover wipes make-up remover. Then you just replace your cotton pad with your favorite wipes, so you will go to increase the efficiency of the two-phase makeup remover.

Directions for use: after the elimination phase of the make-up advice always rinse your face and then switch your detergent.

3. Coconut oil

The pure coconut oil is perfect for removing make-up all over our face before going to sleep. Just put one dose on the hand and go and massage for about 40 seconds over the area you want to remove make-up. In this way we are going to dissolve the make up and become beautiful pandas. Once the trick has melted pass a cloth to remove the oil and the products on the face because the exclusive use of water will not help you eliminate every speck of dirt.

Directions for use: I would advise against coconut oil to all those people who have an oily skin, this is because the oil would probably worsen your situation.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil , like coconut oil, is perfect for dissolving the most stubborn makeup. The method of application may be the same as that described for the coconut oil, or Moisten a cotton pad with water and then add the olive oil. Pass it on the eyes and even on the face and you will discover how easy it is make-up off. Finally, this natural cleanser, moisturize and make your skin really soft.