4 Tips to Develop the Perfect Bra

If you work with lingerie production or beachwear, you have to be aware of one fact: one of the biggest annoyances for women is wearing an uncomfortable bra.

4 Tips to Develop the Perfect Bra

With this in mind, we have divided 4 tips on how you can tailor bra models for each body type, with a focus on comfort and well-being for consumers. See below:

1. Get To Know The Bra Models

In over a hundred years of history, various types of bra were developed, making it a piece that is very versatile. Today, it is part of the daily life of women, whether on casual occasions, moments of leisure and relaxation (in the case of beachwear) or intimate moments, since the piece is no longer a mere underwear and gained other connotations.

Having said that, it is imperative to know the different models and their uses to better tailor their production to the needs of their customers.

2. Choose The Right Strap For Your Model

Like bras, the strap models are well diversified. The market offers from the most basic elastic bands to ornate, lace or embroidered loops. For day-to-day bras, the keyword is comfort. Invest in thicker loops, which promote better support, made of soft and sturdy materials.

Already more sensual lingeries ask for a bit of innovation and creativity, like the application of nozzles, which are decorative elastics. Fashion fitness clothes often require unconventional straps, as is the case with the swimmer model. Thus, it is essential to include these cases in their production, always focusing on comfort, since they will be used to practice physical activities.

3. Know How To Adjust The Bulb And Its Volume

The bulge is used to model and help support the breasts, and often serve as a way to disguise the low volume. In the market, they are available in different types not only in terms of size but also material and thickness. Therefore, you need to tailor these variables to the audience you intend to achieve.

If your clients are plus size women, who already have large breasts, avoid bulging breasts and use irons to support the bra. In the case of adolescents, whose breasts are still in development, or of people with small breasts, it is possible to bet on thicker bumps.

It is important to emphasize that there are still people who do not need the bulge and prefer a simpler bra, made only with the fabric, a more comfortable alternative for everyday use.

4. Invest In Comfortable Materials For Underwear

Whatever your audience, one thing is certain: no woman likes to feel that the bra is too tight or that her material is somehow uncomfortable. Keep in mind that the piece can be used on different occasions, including a full day’s work.

Therefore, always try to use materials suitable for intimate fashion, avoiding very coarse elastics or lace that rubs the skin. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the irons that form the structure of the bras with bulge, since it is common for them to pierce the tissue and end up hurting the skin.

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