3 Awesome Tips to Create a Corner Coffee at Home

Did you know that nearly 80% of Brazilians consume coffee daily? Yes, the drink that is national passion helps in socializing with friends, when we are sleepy awakens us and still provides numerous moments of pleasure. After that came a variety of machines with bold design on the market, many people began to assemble a corner coffee at home. It is a charming place—which can be in the living room, pantry or kitchen—for the drink and the other basic utensils: capsules, cups, sugar or sweetener, coffee etc.

In addition to being a functional space, the corner guarantees a more charm to any residence. Became interested in the subject, but you don’t know how to create an environment for the coffee? So, you see 3 essential tips that split up for you!

1. Set Where The Your Corner Coffee Shop Will Be

It may seem a simple tip, but it is very important to define where you want to make your little corner of coffee. That’s because, depending on the room, you do not need to buy furniture or countertops.

If your living room have a trimmer, for example, how about using it for that purpose? To give more charm to the decor, use the walls around the chosen mobile to create a very nice visual. You can invest in shelves, stickers or pictures .

2. Let All The Utensils Of The Coffee Next To Each Other

To create a charming environment, you must use all the elements that are part of the universe of coffee on top of the piece of furniture you have chosen. Place your machine, cups, spoons, sugar/sweetener and coffee powder/capsules together in the same space.

Bet on transparent jars, preferably with differentiated design, to accommodate the basic ingredients of the drink (capsules or powder and sugar). The cups can be placed in a tray or even hung on hooks.

That way, your little corner becomes a functional environment, as well as decorative.The visitors felt free to use and you will have everything at hand helping you in those days when we have little time for coffee.

3. Use And Abuse Of Adhesives And Decorative Plates

The walls of your corner should receive as much attention as the furniture chosen to put the coffee. To leave the charming environment, use stickers and decorative boards just above the furniture.

The ideal is to choose decorative objects referring to coffee. According to prozipCodes, A good option is to invest in comics and cards in vintage style to create a charming and cozy environment.The stickers are other excellent choices.

A cool tip is to buy a sticker on the Blackboard style (those that people write with chalk on top). You can put classic phrases like “good morning” and “I love coffee” or play with the “menu of the day”; in a day can be the cappuccino, the other the express etc.

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