1960s Vintage Bags

Etro presents a man decidedly unusual for spring/summer 2012: the fashion brand, in fact, proposed on the catwalk trends really, boys must wear in these hot days if they want to enjoy the summer with the spirit of the famous fashion brand. After admiring the shots of the Etro spring/summer 2012 advertising campaign, with the male look feminine must-have this hot season, here we are to analyze better the summer outfits that the fashion brand has included in the wardrobe of all fashionistas who like a more particular and definitely not trivial!

1960s Vintage Bags

If in the original Etro women’s fashion collection for spring/summer 2012 the brand has proposed many vintage look, some inspired by the 1960s, others clearly inspired by the 1930s, when it comes to fashion masculine back the hippie. The style that looks sloppy, but that instead is studied in detail, will be particularly fashionable in these hot days.

The Etro man is inspired by the Mediterranean style, love the sea and draws inspiration from these places. Not surprisingly he wears very light fabrics, perfect for a dandy of the day, for a man who knows what he wants, but that doesn’t seem to want to prove with the look that he wears: outfit that sometimes seem to trashy, but it is definitely not so.

Internetages presented a series of vintage clutch bags declined in that blue that will go so fashionable in this hot season, not to mention the colors of the Earth, a must have for him too. Not forgetting all those prints that were featured from the past, with modern style, to meet the needs of contemporary men.

Etro men’s fashion revives classic Paisley, which is also found in the wardrobe of her (be careful not confuse you at home), both on the shirts is on my pants. Unusual shorts that the fashion brand proposes with a sock and leather moccasins, as well as oversized bags that accompany all models who paraded for the brand.

Do not go unnoticed, then jacket-pants suits, coats, but tissue Matrix-style, dressing of mystery man’s wardrobe. Obviously there are bright colors to satisfy that craving for fluo which in this summer 2012 has really affected everyone and everything!

In short, a very special, unusual, fashion for men who want to be noticed, in the city and the sea!