17 Tips for Squeezing the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

In the last Mobile World Congress event arose several terminals that serve as reference during the next few months. One of them was the Samsung Galaxy S7, both in its conventional version 5.1 “screen without bending the Edge version 5.5” with curved screen.

The Galaxy S7 are terminals high range, with an also high price, which in this case has one justification further than mere specifications, to include highly innovative technologies in its electronics, construction and applications in which rests the responsibility to make the user to remove the most out to these terminals. We tell you some tricks of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that can help you get more out of them, or get an idea of its potential.

Most of what they tell us

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 something curious happens. It is a terminal in which we have more features than we have initially. Or at least, it is clear to do more things with it, or make them better and faster and easier.

It is a smartphone in its design, very fast, powerful and with technological surplus margin to address the most demanding tasks that you can perform with a mobile terminal. It is not perfect, but the few weak points you may have, are minimized and amply outweighed by its strengths (for details, please click http://www.etaizhou.info/two-versions-of-the-galaxy-s5.html).

Precautions the Galaxy S7 with S7 Edge

The choice of a Super AMOLED screen for Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge) presents advantages over LCDs (even more quality), with regard to the consumption of multimedia content, such as photos or videos. Blacks are perfect, with what the contrast ratio is outstanding. In addition, colors are vivid and saturated in the extreme, with a very nice effect to the view watching films or images.

But the tradeoff is the appearance of white and in the representation of lines or patterns of text or graphics in web pages or documents. Without going any further, the Pentile matrix makes that whites have a hue shifting to green depending on the angle of view.

Galaxy S7 Edge model, also should be careful when using the display curved sides. When holding the phone with one hand to, say, take a picture, if you touch the sides of the screen with your fingers or the Palm of the hand, we can make the touch interface to react of form incorrect and that, for example, the camera focus there instead of in the Center, or that directly touch release button is disable.

Turns the camera

One of the great successes of this terminal are their cameras, but especially the rear. Its 12 megapixel sensor has system autofocus dual pixels and detection of phase-based super fast, as well as an exceptional light sensitivity.


If to this we add its F1.7 brightness optics and the ability to capture images in RAW format, we have a terminal with some photographic skills of the first order.

The automatic use of the camera is easy, but to get the most out of it, we give you some clues about other not-so-obvious features.

Maximum sharpness using the manual mode

In auto mode, the camera tends to increase the ISO sensitivity value. While the camera is of high technical quality, increase the ISO sensitivity is synonymous with quality. Using the Pro mode, We can set the ISO sensitivity value low or moderately low, between ISO 50 and ISO 200 or 400 ISO.

Note that, when setting the ISO of this mode, the exposure time will increase. Be careful to stand very still to make the photo so that it goes not moved.

On the other hand, long pressing on the screen, using the camera Pro mode, we will block the exposure and focus, although later we carry independently both the one and the other to different parts of the scene to lock focus and exposure wherever is convenient.

Professional effects

In the manual mode (or Pro), can also get, with a little practice, effects of the light of cars in Thomas wakes at night, the wakes of a meter while it enters or leaves the station, or the background in scenes of motion blur.

To do this, it will be necessary to set the value of the exposure to one slow, between a tenth of a second to several seconds depending on the light that is, preferably supported in a fixed place, mobile or an accessory tripod, or with a pulse especially firm.

If photographs a street with cars moving, you get the effect of wake. If the lights of the city are strong, you have to play with the exposure and ISO that is not overexpose the socket. Use a value of ISO low and compensated by the exhibition to further correct the lighting of the scene.

You can also use the manual mode to make sweeps. It is an effect in which a speed of slow exposure and a sweeping motion which is the subject that you want to keep in focus is used while moving. For example, a bicycle that goes ahead, or a broker, or a car or a motorbike. If we synchronized our sweep with the movement of the subject, we manage to be focused.

Panoramic print

The Galaxy S7 is capable of panorama of an exceptional size and very easily using the wizard screen.

In addition, it has a way of viewing, which combines a classic experience along the panoramic touchscreen, or by moving the phone and using motion sensors to move the scene as if we were there.

The button under “More” in the upper right corner, which enables the viewing of the panoramic view of movement. Thus, for panoramic motion, even reproduces the movement of subjects who were moving to capture the panoramic view.

Additional modes

The camera also allows to download additional capture modes. Especially interesting is the animated GIF mode, which are automatically generated files such as a result of the capture of a scene in motion.

Among others, surround firing mode is also interesting, although it is not compatible with the 360 format, which is obtained from the use of specially designed cameras to capture this type of image and video format. There are presets for effects of softening the face, for example.

Be careful with the curved edges

In the Edge model, be careful to hold the mobile to take photos. If you play with the hand on the curved edges, you impedirás sometimes use the touch pad and focus where you should not. Use the volume button to take pictures if you set it in the options menu.

Use the quick start

Another very useful option is the rapid activation of the camera by pressing twice on the home button. In this way, opens the camera almost instantly even with the mobile locked. It is another option that must be activated on the corresponding menu of camera settings which can be accessed from the icon settings in the camera screen.

The RAW mode

This phone can capture images in RAW mode, more specifically in the format. dng. The files are “blank”, unless the image processor to act on them. In this way, they will show more noise, have a different exposure value or a different from the corresponding .jpg image white balance.

The advantage is that they retain more detail, not be compressed when passing them to .jpg; While, when adjusting the exposure, we will have more leeway to act. For example, in the screenshot above, the RAW file on the left, preserves more detail than in the left already processed by the electronics of the S7 Galaxy.

As a counterpart, these .dng files occupy many megs, so we need an additional microSD memory card to use as storage for such files if we don’t want to have to be downloading them to your computer every little bit. Save in RAW in the Pro of the camera mode is activated.

RAW files are saved by default in the internal memory of the terminal, for which we will have to move them manually from the internal memory to the microSD when they take up excessive space, using a file such as ‘My files’ Manager, for example.

Using Cloud services

To have an additional backup of our photos, also you can use services like Flickr, Google, Microsoft or Amazon, so they are stored automatically backup of your images in the cloud.

Space offering for free is suitable for thousands of images, and is easy to configure.

Convert strings into animations

While in the S7 Galaxy we have available for download the specific mode to record animated GIF, when we capture sequences of photos in burst mode, we also have the option to animate some screenshots of the sequence to turn them into an animated clip.

It is an interesting option, especially if we think that a blast is faster to capture to an animated GIF, for which we have to go to the mode selection menu, and choose it as a preliminary step.

The screen, make the most of its resolution

The S7 Edge Galaxy and Galaxy S7 screens have a very high resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). For most users, the default font size is optimal for work. But If you have good view and you are of those who like to have the maximum of information on screen, you can change the DPI settings so that the screen contains more information, and even more rows of icons, as well as modes with split in some applications. In short, more space for the graphic elements of the interface.

In the image, for example, is the same app with two different DPIs. The standard and 300 DPI. In the 300 DPI can fit many more graphic elements.

It is a mode that should be used with care, because If we had, there will be applications that do not show well the buttons on menu, for example. But instead it allows that we can maximize screen resolution if our view.

To do this, we need to Activate the developer first options. Go to settings – about device – Info software and by pressing repeatedly on build number until the developer options are on.

Then, we will have enabled the developer options in the settingsmenu. There, you will have to activate the USB debug option.

On the other hand, we will unload and install the USB drivers for Samsung mobile phone from lto development tools page.

After that, we will connect the S7 Galaxy to a USB port on the computer. It should appear a dialog in the mobile box requesting confirmation to use debug mode. We accept it.

Subsequently, we will install the program “minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.3.1_setup” available on various Internet pages as the previous link. We installed it and execute, so will be shown a command console.

Don’t panic. You only need to know a few commands to change the resolution settings.

Type “adb Shell“, so a command console will start to change settings in terminal mode. Then, if there was no error messages, write “wm density DPI” changing DPI for the desired value. For example, 640 is the default value. But if we use a value such as 300, we can do that the source will be reduced to conform to the value of the density of points that we have defined.

In this case, the Launcher of Samsung, Touchwiz, does not leave us to put more icons, leaving the same but smaller. We have changed to the Launcher Touchwiz for the Google’s, available in the app store Google Play.

Until we reboot not there will be any changes active. You can also play with the font size in the settings of the device on the side of the screen.

Some applications do not always behave well with a change as well, but in general we may use all regular apps. The camera interface and other apps of the system can be affected in terms of the layout of the buttons, for example.

Where there are problems, we can adjust the IPRs in a fine way. For example, in our case, changing the DPI of 300 to 299 makes that the interface of the camera does not work well. No need to get to the end of 300 DPI. With 540 DPI have already noticed an increase in the amount of content that we can show.

Adjusting colors

The Super AMOLED screen is very showy in order to watch movies, view photos, but not always want tones so saturated but somewhat unrealistic. In the display mode menu in the display settings section you can choose between the most colorful modes and the “off” but reliable.

Saturated colors are striking, but a less “aggressive” mode is also appreciated, especially when working with applications where have to read text rather than images or video. AMOLED photomode, for example, is a good compromise solution.

Security, well resolved

The safety of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is very well resolved thanks to the implementation of a fingerprint of high accuracy and speed sensor. In addition, it has a remote device management service through the own account of Samsung.

In general, it is advisable to create an account Samsung, both to activate the service location and remote device management, how to make a backup of our user’s data such as calendar, contacts, notes and bookmarks.

About fingerprints, remember to scan it in the position in which you will use fingers during normal use. If you scan the footprint with finger oriented on the scanner in a different way to how you will use it in everyday life, will not recognize it. In fact, the directions in the wizard recommends doing so, but it will not be practical if we unlock the phone with one hand rather than secure with the two as shown.

It is also the part of security thanks to the waterproof IP68, along with some applications for the maintenance of the terminal in the chapter of malware.

Another component that can be interesting is My KNOX. While it may seem that we we have a business feature only, My KNOX creates a space protected and sealed inside the terminal, where we can install applications and services that are safe from any unwanted intrusion. It occupies storage space, but in some cases can be a functionality to which draw a unique performance.

You use external storage

The Galaxy S7 capacity is 32 GB, but If you use the camera and video regularly, is an insufficient capacity. Luckily, it is compatible with more capacity memory cards, including 200 GB SanDisk model.

Games, best with Game Launcher

If you use your mobile to play, Game Launcher is a gamers-Swiss army knife. It allows to make screenshots, record video and share achievements, as well as see which games are the most popular of the moment.

Works by way of floating button from which we access its functions at any time during the games, either to make a screenshot, record a video or view current titles.

Gear VR, virtual reality as added value

Samsung takes time betting on virtual reality. Gear VR, made jointly with Oculus sunglasses are designed to work with Samsung phones. at least some of them, with the S7 S7 Edge between them.

At the moment, the application that has the Galaxy S7 are not suitable to generate specific content for display on the VR Gear, even though it is possible to view pictures and videos in an immersive environment within a screen integrated in three-dimensional scenarios.

This will change with the camera Gear 360, although time will have to be content to see content 360 virtual third-party and, as well as games and applications as consumers of VR rather than creators.

Reseat the Galaxy S7 in the VR Gear is activated the Oculus app, with various channels of content, applications, and games. Of special interest are videos channel 360, with sources such as Facebook, Vimeo or Twich as well Photo Gallery 360, among other sources.

The bespectacled Gear VR can do a couple of things that, with everything they have little commented, are very useful. By clicking in the ‘back‘ button on the side next to the touchpad of the glasses, opens a menu from which can enable the mode “Passthrough“, in which we see what we have before us using the viewfinder of the rear Chamber of the terminal.

On the other hand, in the menu utilities, also there is an option to make screenshots, of interest in some cases, but it is not active for all applications of the Oculus or Samsung shop.

The quality of content is not especially striking for a technical reason. The VR experience is achieved by splitting the screen into two, with what content resolution is half the resolution of the screen. In addition, the individual pixels are when using some lenses to focus the field of view on the glasses.

Full HD and 4K, QHD video

The Galaxy S7 camera is capable of recording even at 4 K. Anyway, remember that at this quality are limited functions such as video editing using the editor of Samsung. It is accessed from the gallery itself, although the first time that we accede to it ask we download it.

If we have recorded video above Full HD, we can do the conversion to Full HD directly from the own Galaxy S7 to subsequently perform the basic editing.

Certain features, such as the stabilizer, are incompatible with the continuous focus. So you will have to choose which options you want used in the recording. The Pro mode, on the other hand, allows you to capture videos with exhibition and opening values defined by us, as well as ISO.

Additional applications

Other elements that are worth highlighting of this terminal are the additional applications, as a Smart Manager to manage the battery, storage or RAM memory.

The multi-window mode is still existing in this model as a “House brand”, until Android N has adopted as its functionality. In this way, we can have two running applications in separate windows, to choose between a repertoire of compatible apps, which we reached by long pressing button on the multi-tasking.

Applications within the chapter of Galaxy Essentials are a good value, with offers such as the 100 GB of extra OneDrive during two years in space. Or the video from Samsung, or S-Note editor, Samsung Notes application.

Applications such as S-Translator or S-Voice continues, although in the shadow of the equivalent of applications and service providers such as Google.

And a touch of ergonomics

Samsung also has thought about users with small hands, designing a special mode in which the screen is reduced to one smaller size to reach all the icons only grabbing the terminal with one hand. It also has a way of keyboard compact, especially for modest-sized hands.

Together, we have the time reference terminal, by design, technology, functionality and potential for growth for the near future when the camera appears 360 Gear on the market. The amount of tasks that we can deal with this terminal is huge, with an outstanding technology to solve them with speed and comfort.



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