10 Tips for the Wedding Night: Night of All Nights

With the wedding night are often high expectations and also pressure connected. After all, she should be the night par for bridal couples. With our tips, you’ll be sure to get that!

10 Tips for the Wedding Night: Night of All Nights

The big, exciting wedding party is over and you can go back to the room together with your spouse. However, this does not usually result in expectations or pressures. Quite the opposite, because most bridal couples wish for a wedding night that was at least as exciting as the wedding itself.

So that in the first romantic night as a couple no slack reigns, the wedding magazine Zankyou gave us ten tips to tell you:

Tip No. 1: Change Of Scenery To The Honeymoon Suite

Stay out of the way! In the night after the wedding, treat yourself to a luxurious hotel room – the Honeymoon suite. There you can take care of a romantic atmosphere and be pampered by the hotel staff. Relaxation included.

Tip No. 2: Romantic Mood, Passionate Feelings

Give your hotel room a romantic flair. Candlelight or dimmed light, romantic music and maybe two glasses of champagne with strawberries. The rest takes its course.

Tip # 3: Sexy Bridal Lingerie For Tingling Moments

Erotic Bridal Underwear is also part of the perfect bridal outfit. After all, this is to enchant her husband as well.  According to Weddinginfashion.com, and since woman doesn’t wear sexy lingerie or bra every day, that’s probably very good.

Tip No. 4: A Dinner For Lovers

Order a small snack in your room via room service. Talk and relax together and start such a beautiful night. Very IMPORTANT: Free yourself from the pressure that you must be forced to have sex for a successful wedding night.

Tip No. 5: No Disturbers On The Wedding Night

Hang your “Please don’t disturb” sign in front of the door or lock it from the inside. So avoid unwanted visits in early morning hours. And they don’t have time.

Tip # 6: Love, Sex And Tenderness – Away With The Pressure

Do you have expectations for the wedding night? Then talk to your spouse about your wishes or ideas – also about the fact that it would be okay if it didn’t work out exactly that night.

Tip No. 7: Time For Loving Experiments For Two

Especially in long-term relationships, it would not be a bad idea to try something completely new in this particular night. Role-playing games or erotic desires of the other, make the wedding night definitely unique.

Tip No. 8: The Wedding Dress As a Stimulating Foreplay

Use the bridal gown as foreplay and help each other with undressing. Or just let the wedding dress on – The erotic fantasies are set no limits.

Tip # 9: Too Much Alcohol Spoils Lust And Libido

Drink only a little alcohol: too much the libido can be enormously enriching. So if you want to remember a beautiful wedding night, you should keep the alcohol consumption limits.

Tip # 10: First Breakfast As a Couple In Bed

Round off the morning after the wedding night with a romantic breakfast in bed. Let yourself be pampered by room service and stay in bed together. After that you start the first day as a couple.