10 Things That Make Men As Women Sexy

According to the women, there are 10 things that make men sexy and we have them to you…

1-intelligence: A smart man is very sexy, I like to be with a man with whom he can have an interesting conversation, share a movie, a book, discuss points of view, planning holidays or organize the intelligence budget.

2-safety: A man who is shown to be safe and know what they want is sexy and naturally attracts a
women like confident men themselves, that captivate the attention when they arrive somewhere and know that they do.

3-Fellowship: A man who is good companion known to be complicit with their partner and that is something that is irresistible to most women.

4-sense of humour: women love men with sense of humor, a timely joke, knowing laugh (care I say laugh and not taunt) of yourself or a situation makes you look sexy. Open laughter, spontaneous and relaxed we like and find it us very seductive.

5-spontaneity: spontaneous people, who are shown as they are and reveal their emotions show intimate aspects of his personality that we like to discover. Let us see your fears, your joys and your sorrows makes us know that you trust us and that we can rely on you.

6-kindness: when we see that a man is nice we sense that we will feel comfortable and well maintained, that makes you irresistible.

7-sensitivity: ease to excite you and show your feelings and empathize with our is very careful! sexy! We can melt us for you.

8-hygiene: personal hygiene while you have put it at the end, it may be is one of the most important points. Falls in love with the smell of clean as well as a good perfume, the same who see your hands (those who we could pet) clean and neat.

9-a mouth clean and with good breath: don’t pay attention to this can scupper any attempt of seduction for more sexy you can be in other respects.

Meticulous 10-clothing: sportswear can be very sexy, but a costume, an American or a more elegant look makes you find yourself also sexy and important. The secret is in knowing vary depending on the occasion.

And remember, do not you neglect ‘never’ your underwear, because although you not go to get intimate and believe that no one is going to see, take intimate apparel suitable always gives you security and confidence, it shows and certainly makes you look very sexy.

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