10 Style Resolutions to Comply

This year, instead of the traditional commandments of beauty, I leave here-style resolutions, to fulfill this new year! If you want, print the post and paste the leaf into the inside of the closet door. So there’s no excuses or oblivion!

10 Style Resolutions to Comply

Here they are:

  1. Buy less and better. Resist the call for consumption and only acquire “those” pieces, which are able to pluck a “wow”.
  1. Learn to reuse what you have saved. Because fashion is cyclical, it’s worth saving good quality trendy parts, to use them from here for a few seasons.
  1. Use, at least once a week, one to two pieces that have in the cabinet and that are not used for 3 months or more.
  1. Restrict the use of jeans, especially if they are the “safe” choice of all or almost everyday.
  1. Betting on skirts and dresses, at least 3 times a week. If you discover the skirt and dress model that favors you, you will see how elegant you can stay without losing comfort.
  2. Find the “your” perfect heels. So cute and comfy. I only discovered mine at 33 years, but I don’t complain! The Total Motion has come to change my life!
  1. As far as attachments are concerned, you prefer to have few but good. A quality wallet, good and comfortable shoes, a watch that suits any look.
  1. Acessorizar! Strive for leaving the house with at least an accessory. and wallets, shoes and watch don’t count! Necklaces, handkerchiefs, earrings-Choose your favourite pieces and put them well by hand, not to waste time looking for the pieces at the time of dressing.
  1. Changing hairstyles at least once a year! Change cutting, color, try and dare a different look.
  1. Makeup or learn to do it, once and for all. Muna’s basic beauty products and learn how to do it, daily, without wasting a lot of time. With a little base, corrector, eyeliner, mask, blush and lipstick, you’ll be ready!

Image: Maria Claire.

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