10 Questions to Ask a Fashion Model

Arianna Lai is a model. He is young, lives in Sardinia (but has traveled the world), is studying at university and reads in theater. Here reveals to us what are the 10 questions that every model, sooner or later, usually hear in the course of her career.

Fashion Model

    1. How did you start? A classic. Too many people to expect that a Mr. X (agent, photographer, or the grandson of the janitor cousin of that famous designer), while you were shopping at the flea market, you have stopped to offer you to make a testimonial to the next very exclusive country Y New York. Here, this has happened to Kate Moss, and very, very few others. To most of us mortals is touched traipsing for half Milan, with the result of the heavy model kit (heels, book, admitted that at the beginning the four photos stunted can be called such, and many good intentions) in the hope that, after a good amount of knock doors, some serious agency decided that we were neither too low nor too blond or too blackberries, but exactly what they were looking for. And off the tour de force of casting to get the first job, that may not be the service for the next cover of a glossy magazine, but rather a catalog pigiamoni fleece from questionable fantasies.

  1. But for photo shoots you tricks you? Abstract: Most of us would not be able to go beyond a smokey eyes of poor implementation. Make-up there are the make-up artist: those amazing people that with the right materials have the ability to transform Chinese Panda primrose blooming. PS: If we were really to us makeup on to editorial, we will always be beautiful. Instead sometimes for artistic reasons, we painted from head to foot, so that the star of Avatar on our side would be sober. And then, painted well, well we take the metro, including the looks terrified other passengers.


  1. But they remodel? It ​​goes without saying that if we have a pimple on your forehead that lives its own life, in postproduction disappear. This does not mean that we do not go to the gym “because there is so much Photoshop”, or the razor will become optional. Know that most probably the photographers, when they sat down to retouch photos in backlight in which one perceives the golden aura of hair regrowth in, coinciding have already taken steps to commission on the internet a voodoo doll in the image and likeness of the model in question. Or maybe organize a game of darts with friends using targeted his composite (ie paper collage of the best photos of the model, promptly released to the customer at the end of each casting). If the center’s nose 100 points! Ok, I am exaggerations, but I assure you that if the model has not done and waxing, the photographer will not be happy at all.
  2. But how much money do? This is a good question, keep reading. Unless you is not the top in vogue at the time (normally make a season with a bang and then it is possible that you will no more wires) say that the millions do not invoice them. If you work often enough, you gain as a good medium system engineer. And once the VAT open, collections as a trainee in a provincial graphic studio. Old story, true story.
  3. Is it true that fashion is everyone? Gay. The legend that all the hair stylist, make-up artist and stylist are homosexuals is widespread, but you certainly can not generalize. I can guarantee that often the assistant photographer, while supporting the reflector during the shooting of a fashion catalog sea, a look at the quick buttock oiled Model throws it with pleasure.
  4. But you eating? No, we do not eat. We live as cetaceans by feeding only on plankton. Obviously we eat. Maybe at the fast food menu it replaces the big salad, and pasta to eat lunch only. What would any athlete attentive to the line, but, for some mystical reason, it makes such a stir. Certainly among us there are cases of girls who, during the fashion week, dined with a tangerine, but this does not mean that all the models are always on a strict diet. I saw with my own eyes turn pizzas in the shows backstage. Or rather, the cartons of pizzas: when I arrive I generally only do I find the “slice of shame”, the last slice that no one dares to eat, cold and rubbery. Let’s say that some models are more than locusts pardoned by the metabolism, one would want to believe it or not.
  5. But cellulite is also to you? Excluding Asian (lucky them!) All we Caucasian us condemned as any other woman to the infamous orange peel. But let’s take action before you transform us into a Swiss cheese with legs. So yes, cellulite is all right there.
  6. But it is true that to be successful you have to “have knowledge”? It is likely that if you are nice to someone Set in a beautiful fashion, for whatever reason (the same place of origin, for example) maybe your career will be push, then how in the end it happens in any other sector. But usually no one really matter if you are a friend, or daughter, or grandchild of someone if you are eligible go ahead, if you have them and not play them well, or even if you did not really, no. Normally, the ascent takes place when one of the big known to you and choose your face as the image of an important campaign, or decide that you’ll be opening the show. And there, as if by magic, all you want. Maybe the day before to round did babysitting on weekends, and then suddenly you come contention as either an it-bag to 70% on the last day of sales.
  7. But the clothes you give them? In principle, no. Unless you do not have a million followers on social and therefore visibility as to increase sales, it will not be given even a shoelace you wore to parade. We are all always ask us where we end up those wonderful garments we wear on the catwalk, but the only (discouraging) certain answer at the moment is only one: not in our closets.
  8. But have you ever appeared on a billboard? It’s a sore point: however hard you try, as our book over the years has almost more pages of the Decameron, as you might be wrinkled toes in and get into rampage in 2 destination numbers shoes, not always you get to that greatly when you can admire in the cubital size, on the facade of a building on via Monte Napoleone. Then, perhaps, the miracle happens: your booker tells you that the day after scatterai the campaign for a ultramegafamosissimo brand. They chose you. A thousand agguerritissime competitors. Make the service, shots million photos.Who knows who will choose, we hope your favorite. Wait that poster is pasted on the street with an apprehension that even your grandmother for the papal Angelus at Easter. After a thousand sighs and dreams of glory, it is revealed in front of the inexorable truth: you’re there, but you’re the shoulders. Unrecognizable. I come home with his head down. Your mother will phone all proud to tell you “Love, you have a beautiful back.” Thanks Mom.