10 Mistakes You Make When Doing the Eye Black Smudges

Dramatic eyes with this mega black smudges is 8 preference among 10 women, especially when some event night and with it, the desire to stay and attracting all the attention.

10 Mistakes You Make When Doing the Eye Black Smudges

The glam effect produced by the black shadow and the delineated marked make all the difference in the makeup and enhance the beauty of the hair and the clothes of the woman.

However, this challenge is not so simple and not all we can play the right way this make, that needs to be done with care and perfection, since black shadow, whether in powder or gel, can turn the glamour in 1 hour nightmare to another , ripping you of diva and making you look tired and nothing glamorous.

Stay away from this problem and fix the 10 mistakes you make when making eye black smudges.

1 – do not disguise dark circles

So the black smudges don’t let you look “panda eyes”, it is essential that the preparation of the skin is well done.

That is, in the first place, disguise imperfections of the face, with correction after finishing the smoky look, especially in the region of dark circles, which are darker.

If they are not disguised, the purplish tones of dark circles mixed the black shadow will produce a ghostly effect that will ruin all the glamour of your make.

Another caution is that the correction should be as close as possible to the tone of your skin, so that the effect be very natural.

2-Apply shadow Fixer

The black shadow is already, by itself, Pigmented, and does not require the use of fasteners of shadow or concealer, especially in the region of concave, where the blur is done with greater intensity.

The use of fasteners prevents the shadow’s blur and have the desired effect. So, avoid use of this product or apply only in the area that will not be part.

3 – Apply the black shadow directly into the lids clean

The secret of all makeup part is the gradient and the play on the colors that mixing and standing out in light nuances of tones.

So, for the black eye blur your stay perfect, do not apply the black shadow directly on mobile eyelid.

The bottom of the makeup must be done with a Brown shade, you can apply a blur on and off, making a transition between the mobile eyelid and the concave of the eyes.

After applying the black shadow, get the brush with Brown shadow to give continuity to the smoky look.

4-Outline and blending, without taking into account the shape of your eyes

The eye shape is different from person to person and from ethnicity to ethnicity.

Some women have big eyes, other, small and in a portion, as Oriental women, there is the presence of the foldy bit, which we call mobile eyelid.

All this must be taken into account when making a smoky look.

Follow the tutorials patterns without regard to the format of your eye can frustrate your expectations and therefore adaptation is the best way out.

It is important to remember that a super black makeup tends to decrease the size of the eyes, which is excellent for those who have eyes bigger, but not so much for those who already have tiny little eyes.

For these cases, it is important that the outlined is done in order to expand the eyes, as with the outlined kitten, for example.

Let the sketchy Middle thicker until the end of the eyelid also helps increase the region and raise the look of someone who has droopy eyes. Apply white or beige pencil on waterline will also help to let your eyes bigger.

5 – do not correctly apply Eyelash mask

Hazy black eyes only acquire glam style if the Cilia are the makeup that you set out to do.

If you have large and elongated lashes, a mask layers of eyelashes will be enough according to THEMAKEUPEXPLORER.

If this is not your case, the best way to conquer the perfect result is applying false eyelashes. You will be amazed.

6 – Apply a lot of product

We know that with black shadow, you can’t be too careful. It blurs easily and can leave your face all stained, being too hard to remove.

To avoid as much as possible of smudges, apply black shadow little by little and with a cotton makeup remover for eyes around to go removing the residues which are falling out on his face.

7-skin makeup before the eyes

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that you commit to do black eye: skin makeup smudges before the eyes.

That’s because, as we highlight, the black shadow tends to blur and you will need, at one time or another, remove residue.

If you’re already a makeover, to blur your face automatically shadow all the makeup will fall apart. Therefore, the correct order is: first, face later.

8-course Not correctly

The secret of the beauty of the hazy black eyes is the gradient in the shadows.

So, if you don’t have the patience to spend a lot of time doing light movements come and go, certainly the shadows will be marked and the effect will not be expected.

The same goes for the blur in excess that can merge colors and get the effect of shadows. Merging the pencil the waterline and the bottom of the eyes is also important.

Use a brush beveled with a bit of black shadow and spread well. This will prevent your makeup drain throughout the night.

9 – Use the brush wrong

Who likes makeup knows that there is a multitude of brushes, each with a specific function.

And it’s not nonsense. To make a smoky look perfect black eye, it is essential that you use the appropriate brushes.

The key, in this case, are the brush Scooter, for the purposes of shadows, beveled, to make the outlined and the blending brush, which has longer bristles and quite smooth, perfect for the blur effect.

Remember to hold the brush right off the tip of the Cape, so that your hand is very light in time to perform the movements of comes and goes and let the smooth gradient.

It is important to note that the brushes should be cleaned, so that residues of other makeup does not pass to your eyes.

10-Miss the rest of the makeup

No use doing a smoky look amazing if you miss the remainder of the make.

For all the makeup stay smooth, apply concealer to brighten the face and hide imperfections like under-eye circles.

In addition, points of light made with light and shadow illuminator pencil break a little drama of eye makeup and will make so loaded.

The use of the Illuminator on the face is also recommended. Finally, avoid overreacting in blush and choose the lipstick. Following these steps does not have error. The black smudges will be your guarantee of success.