10 Last – Minute Fashion Tips for the Summer

Summer is here, but still something is missing your wardrobe? Then we have a couple of suggestions with what trends you can – spice up your summer outfit of clothes over shoes to Accessories. And the best: many shops offer extremely cheap now many items in the sale.

10 Last - Minute Fashion Tips for the Summer

1-Royal Blue

Blue, especially the powerful Royal Blue belongs to the absolute trend colors of the season. The shade makes your skin shine and is found in all parts of fashion. The chic color is easy combined with powdery notes or clean white.The color over a large area who is not, who can put on even statement pieces (such as accessories).

  1. hip, hip, hippy dress!

The must-have among the summer dresses is the colourful Hippie dress in ethnic style. As a general rule: the more wallender, the better! Top: This boho look is not only light, nice and easy, but is also still a few excess pounds disappear. It must be floor-length but not always, sexy, short version is absolutely wearable, if want to show her leg. If necessary, high heels help in addition to stretch the body. In the evening can be combined denim or leather jacket just fine to.

  1. jackets trends: simply Sarah

You come across sure even on the one or the other bomber jackets model on sale. The lightweight oversized-cut blanks cool and comfortable at the same time. So it looks not too Rocky, you attack more delicate colors, noble black, rich olive green or also eye-catching patterns. Not missing may anyway, the shiny fabric that adds a chic touch. The bomber jacket is combined with cool accessories, jeans, and sneakers.

  1. show your shoulders!

Hardly a fashion trend is as female as the new off-shoulder tops with romantic ruffles. Blouses, dresses and jumpsuits in a Carmen look are totally in this summer and get you in a Trice in the holiday mood. Down there, for example, shorts, jeans or a pencil skirt to fit. Note: Including it should be a strapless bra – or nothing at all -.

  1. sexy swimwear

Boring swimwear was yesterday! There are virtually no limits to the creativity in this season. Crocheted applique, bright colors, geometric patterns and sporty styles are available. Also the swimsuit is back: with sexy cut-outs, he ensures a top figure. You can find more information about the latest swimwear trends in This blog post.

  1. strip alarm!

Stripes are the ultimate summer look – whether longitudinal or transverse, narrow or wide, plain or multi-coloured. The strips should be remain plain other combined, but please no more than 2 items, and the rest. Vertical stripes make notoriously narrow, but also horizontal stripes can distract the look of problem areas, such as eye-catcher under a dark jacket.

7 small, smaller, mini backpack

This trend is you definitely not escaped: the mini backpack. The new models are not only practical and comfortable, but also still top look. Pay attention when buying on the material quality (smooth or rough leather!), selects an appealing colour (E.g. Pink) or classic black, as well as the perfect outfit to (simply!). Who is not on this trend, can spice up the summer outfit with a white hand bag, a bag with patchwork pattern, a camera bag with straps or a sweet bag.

8 colorful glasses for better vision

Yay, the Sun is shining! Missing you still the right nose accessory? Then got a quick cool, round sunglasses with coloured mirror glasses on sale. Thus, it gives that certain something any outfit with only one handle. But beware: These glasses form usually does not fit to round or oval face shapes. Choose in this case rather elegant CatEye glasses or the classic pilot model.

9 on the feet is easy

Long, our shoes were not as comfortable as in this summer. Particularly said: sneaker in all variations! The white sneaker of last season join us as before, in addition to other models in elegant black and delicate powder notes. If you like fancy like can create for themselves the offenders also in gold or silver – this also applies to the other shoe models of this summer! With a trend, the Espadrilles, you get to go home real holiday feeling. And it gets better: here are no limits the colours and detail. Especially chic work shoes with casual ethnic patterns. Even ballerinas are this season in the trend – but pointed shape and preferably with refined lace.

  1. Last but certainly not least, the bun

Of course this list of trendy Chola bun, a bun high carried – but please not too strict may! So it works: summarizes the hair into a high ponytail, divides it into two sections, and this loosely wrapped around the cable approach.Attach the hair either with a thin headband in your hair color or one or two pins. Plucks all with hair spray a little it, and fixed so that protrude a few tips.Tip: If the hairs are not freshly washed, some dry shampoo at the base, so they look fresh in no time spend washed.