10 Best Games for Android Tablets

Mobile games are a huge success nowadays, managing to offer the quality that we see on consoles and PCs often. While many people prefer games that can take on their smartphones, there are those who do not dispense a large screen.

10 Best Games for Android Tablets

In fact, some mobile games just get better or they can be best used in tablets, is for providing more space for the controls or represent best a game in HD if you want to see some great examples, check out our must-see list of best games for Android tablets!

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1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

It is very likely that you have heard a lot about Minecraft, one of the biggest hits from the world of gaming in recent years. After being so popular in PCs, the game came to the Islands and to mobile devices, as was to be expected.

Although it’s fun to play it on smartphones, there’s no denying that the experience is truly perfect in tablets, since it’s much better to take advantage of it and control it on a big screen. With the need to gather and manage materials all the time, a display of at least 7 inches is more than essential. Click here to download it!

2. Agar.io

Already the Agar.io is a very simple game which puts you in the game as a cell that must grow to eat smaller things. Despite the simplicity, the game becomes surprisingly difficult with time, since your growth makes you slow down and become a target for other online players.

Addictive and challenging, Agar.io gets even better on tablet more because it is easier to control it with precision, especially in desperate times and complicated. To download it in your Android tablet, you just click on this link.

3. Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts series won many fans and made great success on consoles from Nintendo, but found an even more comprehensive public when he won a mobile version. Each stage has a different goal that can only be lifting and passed if you create certain items, something possible to write the name of the object that you want to appear.

This makes the game really be unique, fun and challenging, since the puzzles are getting increasingly difficult in advanced stages. As you need to write a lot throughout the game, nothing better than a big screen to help you in the task. Click here to download it.

4. Talisman

Talisman already is the perfect game for anyone who loves board games, especially if you’ve always wanted them to be more portable. The game is very fun, has a genuine mechanical board game (because it has real physical versions) and can be used with your friends.

Of course to throw something in a small smartphone gets a little hard, which makes it perfect for Android tablets. According to timelesstablets.com, the game can be downloaded into your device via this link.

5. Asphalt Nitro

You can’t make a list of games without one, right?! In this case we chose the game Asphalt spray for people who like to play in tablets. With several options of cars, tracks and gameplay modes, it’s almost impossible not to have fun with all that Asphalt Nitro has to offer.

Perhaps the best part of playing it on a tablet is the ability to use the device as a true wheel during races. Of course, the traditional controls are also available for those who prefer. The game can be downloaded from this link.

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6. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 is without doubt one of the most beautiful games you will find for Android, but fortunately it also offers an excellent and consistent and accurate controls. Of course, all this looks better on a tablet than a smartphone, since it is not always possible to appreciate all the details on a small device.

In addition to defend your Tower, you must also attack the base of other people, and can even play online against real players. Despite being paid, the game is worth your price and have hours of fun to offer. You can download it at this link.

7. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is another extremely popular game that you may have heard at some point. Basically, it’s the mobile game of the world’s most successful strategy and play it on a tablet just makes the experience much better.

As you depends on a lot of precise touches and quick controls, it is more than necessary to have a screen with enough space to perform his movements. The game can be downloaded using this link.

8. The Bard’s Tale

If you like RPGs, the game The Bard’s Tale is simply one of the best experience on Android. The visuals are very nice and well made, and could be better used on the screen of a tablet.

With your captivating plot and complex controls, you can’t deny that it can be uncomfortable to play it for hours on a small screen. To download it, just click on this link.

9. Badland

BADLAND is another game very nice and with a truly addictive gameplay. Like any good platform game, you have to go through various stages full of obstacles and that made you stay in constant motion.

There are more than 100 normal stages and 23 stages in multiplayer mode, so that you too can enjoy the game with your friends. As Badland requires close attention, it is preferable to lay comfortably on a larger screen. You can download it at this link.

10. Dead Trigger 2

Finally, we have Dead Trigger 2, which features fantastic visuals and that can be leveraged to the hilt on large screens, as you can imagine. The tablets also help provide a more comfortable for the controls, something difficult to achieve in smaller canvases.

Overall, the game is really fun and addicting, like almost all good zombie game should be. In addition, the developers are always releasing updates with enhancements and new features. To download it, just click here.

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