Glossary of Pregnancy
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Glossary of Pregnancy

You have a question about pregnancy? Need more information about what is happening to you during pregnancy? At our site, we help you with our dictionary of doubts for pregnant women. Check out any questions you have about your pregnancy and learn more about what you’re concerned about. Here you will find all the words of […]

DKNY Collezione
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DKNY Collezione

Among the collections that these days marched on New York catwalks definitely worth a mention that proposed by DKNY (see abbreviationfinder), certainly one of the most beloved US brand, however one of the stylistic certainties of the flag of stars and stripes, firmly clinging to as fashion industry for over 20 years. DKNY offers some really […]

DIY Do It Yourself
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DIY: Do It Yourself

DIY is the acronym of the expression in English Do It Yourself, which means “do it yourself”, according to abbreviationfinder.

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How to Choose the Right Size Sunglasses

Parenthesis: how to choose the size of a pair of glasses? It’s time to make a brief aside on the sizing of a pair of glasses . You’ll see, it’s really stupid. Size glasses has three numbers. In the case of model Union is 49 / 19-145. Normally your size glasses is even printed / engraved on one of the branches (except […]

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Problems with LED Bulbs

Problems with LED bulbs LED bulbs are undoubtedly an ideal illumination of households and firms – have minimal power consumption, tremendous stamina, high efficiency, because instead of drowning, so shining, and compared to other types of lighting represent the liquidation minimal environmental burden. However, we act fair, it should be noted some problems.

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How to Clean Beaded Necklaces

To keep your jewelry always shiny and bright, you must first make a targeted periodic cleaning. This guide will illustrate various methods to properly clean a necklace made with beads. The cleaning technique will vary depending on the type of material with which it is composed. Wipe the pearls properly it is important to preserve the beauty of the same over time. We […]


Breast Implants: Early Pregnancy Signs

An implantation bleeding is a frequently overlooked pregnancy symptom, since it occurs in a similar period as the menstruation of the woman. What is an implantation bleeding and how you can distinguish it from your period, we reveal to you here.

1960s Vintage Bags
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1960s Vintage Bags

Etro presents a man decidedly unusual for spring/summer 2012: the fashion brand, in fact, proposed on the catwalk trends really, boys must wear in these hot days if they want to enjoy the summer with the spirit of the famous fashion brand. After admiring the shots of the Etro spring/summer 2012 advertising campaign, with the male look feminine must-have this hot […]

Fashion Model
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10 Questions to Ask a Fashion Model

Arianna Lai is a model. He is young, lives in Sardinia (but has traveled the world), is studying at university and reads in theater. Here reveals to us what are the 10 questions that every model, sooner or later, usually hear in the course of her career. How did you start? A classic. Too many people to expect that a […]